Resource Guide

This is a short guide to support you in your proposal. Let us know if there are any other types of resources we should add!

Application Office Hours

We want to be sure you feel supported in writing your proposal. Head to one of our Office Hours slots:

Idea/Vision Office Hours with Matt Fantastic, Agora/Elm City Games
Need support on building your broader vision for your idea? Need a burst of creativity? Meet with Matt during his Office Hours.
• Monday, January 28th, 3-5pm
• Tuesday, February 5th, 11-1pm
• Thursday, February 14th, noon-2pm
• Sunday, February 24th, noon-2pm
All sessions at Agora (760 Chapel Street) in New Haven, CT
Email Matt to reserve a slot at

Technical/Application Support Office Hours with Michael Harris, Elm City Innovation Collaborative
Email Michael to coordinate a time at


Below are some places to apply for cash match funding for your proposal:

  • Greater New Haven Green Fund

  • Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (best for organizations)

  • The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

  • Tsai City Yale Student Projects (For projects with a Yale student on their team only)

Permitting, Forms, and Logistics

Public space

Many open spaces in New Haven are owned or managed by a public entity - the City, State, or special district - but others are privately owned. Generally, proposals in public spaces will require permits and additional approvals, but have no fear! We’re here to help. After you pitch your idea, we can guide you through applying for permits and approvals.

For preliminary questions about public space approvals, you can contact our public spaces wizard, Deputy City Plan Director Aicha Woods:

Private space

Private land and private buildings can be more straightforward, if you have the building owner on board. A good place to start is the New Haven Property Viewer, which can show you who owns the building.

Public Feedback

Want to get public feedback on your idea or suggest an idea? Submit a request on SeeClickFix here.

See all submitted requests here.

Neighborhood Support

A great place to go for community support and input on your idea are your Community Management Teams.

Find your neighborhood management team, meeting time, and contact info here.


A few helpful guides:

Tactical Urbanist’s Guide: to getting things done.

Review of Street Plan’s Tactical Urbanism Guide 2 (link to pdf)

Patronicity List of Pinterest pages for project types

Blog Posts from Project for Public Spaces:

Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper

Eleven Principles for Creating Great Public Spaces

What Makes A Successful Space?